OpenStack monitoring: Zabbix Ceilometer proxy installation

Recently a Ceilometer proxy for Zabbix was released by OneSource. This proxy will pull all the instance information from OpenStack and populate it in Zabbix

The source code can be downloaded from here:

The basic prerequisites for the server where the proxy is running is Python and Pika library. Also there should be network connectivity from the proxy machine to your OpenStack installation.

In the test installation, I tried it on a standalone Ubuntu machine. Python can be installed using apt-get and was pretty much straight forward. The document suggests installation of Pika using PIP package manager. Since the machine is sitting behind a proxy, we had some trouble using PIP. As a workaround, the Pika can be directly downloaded and installed from the source repository here

Simply download all files in the repo and execute the script to install pika

Now coming back to the Ceilometer proxy installation. For this you have to uncomment this line in your keystone.conf file.

 notification_driver = keystone.openstack.common.notifier.rpc_notifier
 Next step is to update the proxy.conf file with your OpenStack installation connection parameters.This is also pretty much straight forward for people familiar with OpenStack. I had some confusion on the rabbitmq account to be used, the 'guest' account worked fine for me. Other than that it is just your ceilometer api IP address and keystone authentication details. In the zabbix_configs section, you need to provide your zabbix host IP and admin credentials for web login

Once the proxy.conf file is updated, you can simply run the script to start the monitoring. A new entry for the proxy will be created Administration->DM .

Note: One shortcoming we have noticed is that the instances created using heat orchestrator are not being picked up by the proxy.  Also the cleanup of machines from Zabbix once they are deleted from openstack is not happening.



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