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Azure ARM Infrastructure as code deployment using VSTS - Part 2

In Part 1 of the blog series , we created the build configuration for CI/CD pipeline of ARM template deployment. In this blog, we will create the release pipeline and deploy the VMs across dev and test environments in Azure when a commit is triggered

Create the release pipeline by clicking on the release option once the build is completed

In the Release definition, select a blank template to start with

And provide name of your first environment

Now we have our first environment ready, lets add the tasks. Select the created environment.

Start adding tasks from Tasks->Deploy->Resource Group deployment

Edit the settings of the added task. You need to add your Azure subscription to VSTS as a service endpoint

Click on Manage and it will open the service end point configuration in a different tab. Add your Azure subscription here.Click on New Service Endpoint->Azure Resource manager

Add Subscription name , when you click ok you will be ask to login to your Azure subscription to a…

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