What is new in Windows server 2012

    • Server core improvements: no need of fresh installation, you can add/remove GUI from   server manager
    • Remotely manage servers 
      -add/remove roles etc using Server manager
      -manage 2008 and 2008 R2 with WMF 3.0 installation, installed by default in Server 2012
    • Remote server administration tools available for windows 8 to manage Windows server 2012 infrastructure
    • Powershell v3
    • Hyper-V 3.0
      - supports upto 64 processors and 1 TB RAM per virtual machine
                -upto 320 logical hardware processors and 4 TB RAM per host
     - Shared nothing live migration, move around VMs without shared    storage

    • ReFS(Resilient file system), upgraded version of NTFS
      - supports larger file and directory sizes. 
      - Removes the 255 character limitation on long file names and paths, the limit on the path/filename size is now 32K characters!
    • Improved CHKDSK utility that will fix disk corruptions in the background without disruption


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