VMFS 3 & VMFS 5 block size difference

The VMFS block size defines the maximum file size as well as the space occupied by a file.

The following block sizes were available in vmfs 3 - 1MB, 2MB, 4 MB and 8 MB. These block sizes decided the maximum possible size of a single VMDK file that you can create for a virtual machine. The maximum disk size was limited as follows

1 MB - 256 GB
2 MB - 512 GB
4 MB - 1 TB
8 MB - 2 TB - 512 B

VMFS5 offers a unified block size of 1 MB,larger blocks are not required to create disks of larger size. This means that the 1 Mb block size of vmfs 3 is not same as 1 MB  block size of vmfs 5. The maximum VMDK file size supported is 2 TB - 512 B


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