How to publish a software to users using GPO

1)In the AD group policy management console, navigate to the OU where the user resides
2)Right click and select the option 'Create a GPO in this domain, and link it here"
3)Provide a name for the GPO
4)Right click the GPO and click edit
5)Navigate to user configuration->Policies-> Software Settings-> Software installation
6)Right click software installation. Select new-> package
7)Select the installer packages. Files with extension .msi and .zap can be selected
8)Select the required option. You will see three options there- Published, Assigned and Advanced. Click ok
      - If you want the user to installed the application by himself by going to add/remove program, select published option
     - If you want the program to be installed when the user logs in, choose this option.
     - You can right click the installation file in the GP editor window and change the options between published and  assigned
    - If the option selected is published, the option to install on logon will be greyed out. In case of 'assigned' this option is available to be selected


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