How many ntds.dit files would be present in an Active directory?

There would be two ntds.dit files present in case on Windows server 2008

%SystemRoot%\NTDS\Ntds.dit   - This is the Ad database used by the domain controller, which holds the values for a domain and replica of values for forest

%SystemRoot%\System32\Ntds.dit    -This file is used while promoting a windows 2000  server  to active directory. This is usually called the distribution copy of the database. This file allows you to run dcpromo on a 2000 server without having to use the OS CD. During promotion, the ntds.dit file is copied from %SystemRoot%\System32 directory into the %SystemRoot%\NTDS directory. Active Directory is then started from this new copy of the file, and replication updates the file from other domain controllers.



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