Different raid levels

Raid 0 :

  • Data is split or 'striped' across multiple disks,No mirror and no parity
  • Minimum 2 disks are required
  • No redundancy, no parity
  • Good read/write performance, used in cases where speed is a priority

Raid 1:

  • Data is mirrored across two disks
  • Good redundancy
  • Excellent speed for reads(twice the read transaction), same write transaction as in single disks
  • Used in cases where reliability/redundancy is a priority
Raid 5:
  • Distributed parity
  • Minimum 3 disks required
  • Good performance and redundancy(blocks are striped and due to presence of distributed parity)
  • Better performance on read operations, write will be slow
  • Best used in case of read-intensive applications/Dbs, not recommended for write based applications


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