Active Directory User Account Information Tool

Troubleshooting issues relating to user accounts can usually be a time consuming effort.Determining the "freshness" of the user's credentials and password history is key to understanding if there could be a potential issue with their Active Directory account.  This document provides information on the AcctInfo Tool that has been developed to assist investigation of such issues.

AcctInfo Tool

This tool provides a subtle addition to any user's AD account profile by an additional tab in their account properties labelled Additional Account Info v2.  It can be installed on a domain controller, or on the desktop of the person doing the investigation. Below is a screen shot of the additional information this tool provides:

The three most important pieces of information provided, as shown above, are the Password Last Set and Password Expires fields and the Most Recent Logon button which polls all the DC's in the domain for the selected user and aggregates the polled results to determine when that user last successfully logged onto the Active Directory infrastructure.

Download acctinfo2.dll from here and save it to the C:\Windows folder

From the Windows Start menu click Start, Run... type in CMD and click OK.
At the DOS prompt, type in the following command: regsvr32 acctinfo2.dll and press Return

Note:This process will need to be carried out by a person with local administrator rights to the machine


  1. The link you provided does not contain the download for acctinfo2.dll. It only has a download for ALTools.exe

    1. Thanks for pointing that out.Seems like MS has changed the link. You can download the 64 bit version from this link


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