Active directory : Check replication using REPLMON

Active Directory Replication Monitor(Replmon.exe) is a GUI tool that is exclusively intended for monitoring and managing all kinds of replication in AD-based domains (Windows 2000 and Windows .NET domains). With this tool, you can monitor and register all replication events, force replication, start generating replication topology, view Global Catalog and bridgehead servers, and view trusts and replication metadata for an Active Directory object. Login to AD and do the following steps to start a replication check using replmon

Go to start ->run . Type in replmon and click ok
Click on edit->Add Monitored server

Select “ Add the server explicitly by name” and click next

Add AD server name and click finish

Go to file>save monitored list as and save the list as a .ini file say test.ini

While doing the replication check next time, this list can be opened directly from
file->open script ->test.ini (steps 2,3 and 4 can be skipped)

Once the server is added several directory partitions will be displayed

Expand each of the directory partitions to view the AD replication status

If any of the AD servers is having replication issue, it will be marked in red

Click on the AD server having replication issue and the replication details will be displayed on the right pane

To update the replication status, right click on the server and select ” update status(Only for this server)”


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