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Windows Server 2016 - Introducing Nano Server

This is the first blog post on the series that I am planning to write on Windows Server 2016 and its exciting new features. Lets start with the cool Nano Server!! Nano server comes with the smallest OS foot print possible, which significantly reduces the management overhead and is keenly focused on cloud based deployment model. It is quite different from the existing OS flavors of Windows Server that we are familiar with. To start with Nano Server is headless, ie it doesn't provide any local logon capabilities. You can only manage it remotely using tools like powershell remoting ,wmi, winRM etc. Even the version of PowerShell that is shipped with NanoServer is a stripped down core edition. That means not all features will be available in this version of NanoServer. It is built on a reduced footprint version of .Net core, that means you may not be able to run all C# commands on PowerShell Core.Also it supports only 64 bit applications. You cannot promote a Nano Server as Active d